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Ōkuairando· mī o omachi shite orimasu

Oak Island Awaits Me Ash, after alone again, gets to Kanto Region, with Pikachu. As he reaches Viridian City, he finds Misty and city's Nurse Joy... After a Pokémon Care, he goes in Pallet direction, where Delia and Mimey are waiting him, he goes to his home, and then to Prof. Oak's lab... He puts all Kalos Pokémon with him! Prof. Oak, then, tells about a Island, that he created, when it decides to go, Team Rocket attacked the lab and steals Ash's Pikachu, James used Malamar and Jessie used Pumpkaboo... Prof. Oak used his Dragonite to free Pikachu and with a Double Thunderbolt, Team Rocket blasted off, again! Then, Ash and Team Rocket goes to the mirabolant Oak Island...

The Kanto Nurse Joy looks like Kalos Nurse Joy

That's the second time that is revealed that Professor Oak have a Dragonite

Ash reaches Kanto Region

Ash meets Misty

Ash's mom buy a red jacket and a Pokéball hat for her son

Ash goes to Oak Island

When Team Rocket blasts off, Jessie's Pumpkaboo is not shown